Friday, February 17, 2012

Congratulations Bjorn!

I've been flatmates with Bjorn for over two years now and I've seen him hurt himself ALOT to do this crazy skateboard stuff. He's had broken bones, a seriously whacked skull (I watched footage of the slam and it makes your tummy go elevators), bijillions of bruises and lots of sad face rainy days...

I love that Bjorn supported his fellow Kiwi bro's and used a Veils song, and I have to say the footage of his Dad just casually handstand skating at the start is radness..Bjorn got a tattoo of his old man doing this on his forearm when we first moved in and it's now one of his board graphics, I think thats such a cool link to where it all began and I bet his dad is all puffed up & proud as punch.

Congratulations Bjorn!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Art Month Artist Insights

My awesomness bestie Emma Morris produced this video for Art Month which happens throughout March in Sydney. Theres a beautiful shot of Craig Waddell considering his see his eyes dart back and forth and it's like being a fly on the wall watching his mind work..I love it...can't wait for it all to kick off..

You've climbed Mt.Cleverest Miss Dilemma.