Thursday, February 24, 2011

ow stop it!

new campaign from wheels & dollbaby...Tiah just totally melting again..i think i might have to get my va va vooms into this little number, you know, just for like killing it while washing up and stuff. I love this imagery, Tiah describes it perfectly as: very opium den, Oriental-French, 70's-YSL campaign inspired. As Mr.Cave says 'she's completely naked under all those clothes' there's a thought lads...sheeesh.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I guess these guys (rune, pedro, bucky) are holding novelty cheques cause they won bowl-a-rama...i would know if i didn't get stuck at the pub across the road for the whole day...too sunny for me out there anyway....had goodtimes with some out of towners and the usuals. So i'm pretty sure some awesome skating went down and i hear Dustin sang in his new band LS Demons and that was rad but i also missed that..not sure what I was doing for that part; probs something to do with a cold coopers and a bar stool I'd say....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Addict. Dealer. Lush Roller...

just finished reading William.S Burroughs Junky...interesting to read about heroin and methadone addiction in the 50's when it was mostly sourced through dodgy 'loose hand' script writing doctors. subtly my minds eye this looked like a batman film - all shadows, trench coats, flashes of silhouettes and dim lit lantern streets...definitely worth a read if you come by it..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

she wears black magic lace with a smile on her face...

volcom womens winter knit dress by yours truly, gorgeousness by shanay..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


spent the last few days in melbs..had a nice hotel room (well thats a bit of a story...had a real shit one at first and then a whole lotta faulty towers style mishaps enabled me to move on up to business level...tis indeed the business; double head shower -  boo ya!) ate some yum food and did lottsa stompin round town solo, so much time solo in fact that I ended up enjoying the pointless, relentless, numb conversation from shop assistants..needless to say I was glad when I arrived home to a house full of keen to have a chat, red wine drinking flatmates, temporary flatmates, friends and guests. (guests are a touring band from NZ, really cool. LOOK HERE. lovely manners)

secret spot

this is my fave's in a secret spot near my house and i take much joy in having a big breaky (especially if it's kylie's dumpring/pancakes) on a saturday and then heading here to say hi to the giraffe. Its a proppa much to look at. taxidermy is educational and creepy. the men who run this store loved the building so much they fought tooth and nail with fire and heritage council to get the space approved for them to live and work out of...they even had to pull up each floor brick by hand to check the plumbing (as the plans were from the 1800's) and then delicately re hand lay them one by one! the end result they say was way worth the effort..i agree..thanks for my saturday morning wonderland secret spot.

(i will reveal the secret to those whom dare ask the question..and know the secret password and can do the secret handshake)

Friday, February 4, 2011

delicate flower

Last week I went to byron for work. k-hem...and I had a little incident. A crazed 3.7mtr long raging bluebottle tried to play football with me in the ocean! He tackled me wrapping his squiggly sci-fi tentacle around both my legs like it was state of origin. (He came down from queensland, quite ironic he's a maroon when he's so blue). This left me with a very painful and itchy war wound...the barbs go into you! SO SCI-FI!! So anyway, turns out I'm allergic. of course I am. With all these sunburn and sting stories Bro has decided I have too much pommy genes in me. such a delicate flower.

above is artist extrodinare Jamie Curly Locks Browne's sympathetic offering in my time of need.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy thanks hippers

hippers (you may remember the delightful HHHH from here) gave me a beauty of a bouquet...looks totes ah may zing in my room next to my bed...i got to sleep with little whafts of multicoloured roses sweeping arounds me all night long..ahh.

get your lover some flower drum buds for valenties...

food fight, beer and bombfire at boom boom

working hard for volcom at boomerang 2 weeks fight was hilarious - hurricane spillane wet a dozen bread rolls and threw them at the ceiling fan, it was a soggy bread parade. Lots of beers and fun times at the recky..absolute waterfront...needless to say the drive home felt a whole lot longer than the way there..Mark from Queenie also showed me this x-ray from when he was playing a drinking game and accidently swallowed a 50c piece, worth a mention!
cheers for the photos maxi (his photos are the only two good ones above!) check out his photo-tastic blog..

bellringer blues

grinderman on friday night..fucking amazing. warren ellis was captivating, especially with maracas and well you all know how i feel about ol'man cave. sophie and I had a rad time and we have pretty much perfected nick caves creep crawl moves which i will be busting out on the DF all summer. Soph hustled some poor unsuspecting pool players with her shark attack and I had the old one eye shut stance (to stop seeing double) going on by the end of the night..awesomeradamazingness evening.