Wednesday, February 16, 2011

secret spot

this is my fave's in a secret spot near my house and i take much joy in having a big breaky (especially if it's kylie's dumpring/pancakes) on a saturday and then heading here to say hi to the giraffe. Its a proppa much to look at. taxidermy is educational and creepy. the men who run this store loved the building so much they fought tooth and nail with fire and heritage council to get the space approved for them to live and work out of...they even had to pull up each floor brick by hand to check the plumbing (as the plans were from the 1800's) and then delicately re hand lay them one by one! the end result they say was way worth the effort..i agree..thanks for my saturday morning wonderland secret spot.

(i will reveal the secret to those whom dare ask the question..and know the secret password and can do the secret handshake)


  1. This is the best story of a shop EVER!!
    Seriously this rules.
    Our house looks very similar except goddamn I wish we had a giraffe. Funny thing is we are dying to get our hands on a kangaroo head mount and spotted two on ebay in the last six months but completely slept on both of them and they each sold for like $150 which is so cheap.
    Next time we're in your neck of the woods, we have to talk secret passwords and handshakes!

  2. secret handshake!! tell me bloody hell now prease!!
    it looks totes awesome

  3. Holly Hippers fly your hellicopter to redfern and I'll take you there! they are actually florists as well...

    Gnar Jen, you'll have to catch a plane I think and come along with holly hippers and I....I'll find out how much Mr.G the giraffe is for you and I will catch you a kangaroo and he can hop on over to NY. Your husband dabbles in a bit of taxidermy doesn't he? I got kicked by a kangaroo once, that was quite a moment. They're big fuckers.


  4. I need to see this secret place for real when i'm next in Sydney. I can keep a big secret.

    Good Night