Monday, May 30, 2011

Mitchell Rd. auction house garage sale

Look at my lovely new leather pouchy baggy thing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fully Hectic Sick.

Boony from work told me he read in the paper someone had tried to call their kid Fully Hectic Sick -  although that is astonishing its not the Fully Hectic Sick I'm referring to. I'm referring to how work has been lately, hence the slowing of putting things on here. Cue violin. So Kyuss Lives was weeks ago now, but it was also Fully Hectic Sick. The captain sent me this video of him side stage. I wasn't there, I was in the 'I don't know people i buy tickets section'. heaps of tall people there.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

from Vali to Patti and then hopefully me...

The wondermasters at MANIAMANIA have created an ah-may-zing ring based on the ever intoxicating Patti Smith and her tattoo inked by Australian artist and queen of bohemia Vali Myers. A film titled Patti and Vali by Sandra Dailey shows Patti having the lightning bolt tattooed on her inner knee by Vali. It also features a narration by Patti..good viewing. Anyhoo, here is the ring and I love it. An amazing creative bond between two inspiring woman can be symbolised on your rude finger a reminder of how rad us chicas are.

have a look at MANIAMANIA if you haven't already for truly unique jewellery...and buy the ring for me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Weird Science & the Oracle

Im always tense as a spring waiting for photos of the new Romance Was Born collection. When I look through each photo my eyes widen and my hair goes curly cause I love it so much. It's like reliving your favourite sweet dream.

Their SS11 collection The Oracle was no exception; my hair is totally curly. Congratulations to Anna and Luke; the pair behind the brilliance of Romance Was Born. Above are some pics from my favourite collection, from SS07 Weird Science. My hair went afro first time I saw this.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

hate on for HD.

i am really annoyed about HDTV. like real life cranky. High defi-fucking-nition telly is the worst thing ever..i don't want it to look real! I don't want actors to have pores!! I don't want to see the cement foundation they have to wear!!! watching the telly before school way back when I was into agros cartoon connection; you could tell when a program was from the states cause it had a real 'fake world' sheen to it. It was the best. I thought it was an alternate universe. watching HD makes you feel like your standing next to the even makes all acting look atrotious..i don't wanna stand next to them.. I might have to write a letter to the telly people and see if they can release all new programs in 'fake world' as well as HD so i can save my eyes from actors pores. I thought Holly Hipwell always said 'in real life' when she is explaining things because she thought she was living in the dream time, now I know she must just watch HDTV.