Thursday, March 31, 2011

breaking bad

Nadia & Cami the raddestmaddestbaddest girls of melbourne based DI$COUNT said they were bored with a capital B of black. the next day they both wore black head to toe..guess they needed to break bad and be colour bombs for a night...glad they did cause i love it.

some pics cobra some from di$count

hells yeah my coats warm!

i think the shift to winter (or our lame version of here in aus) happened today...making me think of coats. I want this one. anyone got some spare bijillions to by the chang some McQueen? said coat to be worn with black boots, black jeans, black tee, black hair, black stare. (then I can lay it down and have a picnic...or long neck of coopers in the park)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the motion picture dreamer

so this is sophie...just drinking and wearing teas no biggy. Sophie ia a designer extraordinaire at Sass & Bide and totally kills it daily...her prints absolutely floor me and her nonchalance about it makes me love her even more, cause really, to her there is just better things to talk about.... like cheese. Sophie pretty much lives an existence like no other. I love having wines and dinner at her place cause inevitably i get to go home with a story to tell other people that makes me seem more interesting: tales of living in paris, buying her bro a gorilla suit,  making a room like the moon in her house...I also especially liked the time she did a fashion parade of all her jackets after a few sips (bottles) of red- every jacket was accompanied by a little tale of how it came to be hers. BUT the bestest and most extraordinary thing about Sophie is she dreams motion pictures. Totes Serials. the lady makes movies nightly. the girl has an imagination that knows no bounds..she may even be magic. yep magic peeps. I think if you could look in her ear and see her brain it would be rainbow colour.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

black mountain on my death bed

a few weeks back BLACK MOUNTAIN answered my letter (from back here) to come play Sydders...they played the ever classic venue the annandale and tore it down...I was pretty lucky cause they played a sunday night and I found out about the gig on the friday night - phew...what was unlucky about it was that it was bowl-a-rama the night before and me and my black mountain accomplice JBHIFI Browne had been up raging till pretty much sun up the night before...I had to play Evil Ways soooo loud to psych myself out of my death bed to go. The first beer at the gig made me feel like an alcoholic's knee cap, the second was a little more medicinal and I came good-ish.. Of freaking course they were ah-may-zing. Amber Webber is my new muse and I totally hope she want's to apply to be one of my besties...(Amber if you read this; you don't really need to fill out the application - you have 'pre-approved' status).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

zombie dog and eddie vedder

this is one of my all time best mates glenn, aka zombie dog...the other less familiar face is some guy named eddie vedder. appaz he's a big deal and sings in some underground band pearl jam...
nah, all jokes aside glenn works his face off at his band management and events company ZOMBIE DOG (check HERE for gigs fools) and he is doing amazing things. (I really should have done a post before the gig - hindsight is a torturous witch - but fear not friends in melbourne Monster Sessions is on May 21st at the Espy) last saturday he put on a charity gig raising money for multiple sclorosis with some of the coolest bands i've seen in a while (cosmic psychos, nancy vandal, screamfeeder...) and old mate eddie came along. It was great to see him supporting zombie dog's work while he was in town and rumor has it he made a gracious donation to the charity. I think thats fucken awesome.

Glenda your a good girl. Very proud of you.

real super LA yum times..

Monday, March 21, 2011

manual, the walker street issue

so i have 4 things to say about this.

1. this is my flatmate bjorn skating his face off on the cover
2. house guestest with the bestest manners shot the photo Mark Barber
3. it's definitely the walker street issue cause my other flatmate ryan 'crash my bike' wilson has an interview accompanied by awesome creepy photo
4. answer number 5 is pretty much the best answer ever. to any question. ever. In fact ask me a question and I'm gunna tell this story.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Diego Rivera Studio

you know that game when someone asks 'if you had three wishes what would you wish for?"...then some fuck head says "three more wishes"...well from now on in if anyone wants to ask me that question my answer will be to live in diego's studio. done.


Monday, March 14, 2011

crash landed.

PHD, post holiday depression.

painting; sam leach.

Friday, March 11, 2011

lucky little lady in the city of light

2 days in LA. I'm pretty sure I just saw Edward pick up Vivienne to head to the Reg Bev Wil..."50 bucks grandpa, for 75 the wife can watch"...I'm aiming for a whoppa-chang hangover tomorrow, that will be dealt with by some sunny side ups and endlessly poured coffee - those waitress types over here make me feel like a helpless mouse watched by a swooping eagle. I am at their pouring mercy. fuck yeah half and half!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

15 tacos, 3 chilli sauces, bbq pineapple and 4 beers for $10....

I'm in mexcio fools!!!! see you in 10 days and 15 kilos.