Thursday, March 24, 2011

black mountain on my death bed

a few weeks back BLACK MOUNTAIN answered my letter (from back here) to come play Sydders...they played the ever classic venue the annandale and tore it down...I was pretty lucky cause they played a sunday night and I found out about the gig on the friday night - phew...what was unlucky about it was that it was bowl-a-rama the night before and me and my black mountain accomplice JBHIFI Browne had been up raging till pretty much sun up the night before...I had to play Evil Ways soooo loud to psych myself out of my death bed to go. The first beer at the gig made me feel like an alcoholic's knee cap, the second was a little more medicinal and I came good-ish.. Of freaking course they were ah-may-zing. Amber Webber is my new muse and I totally hope she want's to apply to be one of my besties...(Amber if you read this; you don't really need to fill out the application - you have 'pre-approved' status).

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