Tuesday, March 22, 2011

zombie dog and eddie vedder

this is one of my all time best mates glenn, aka zombie dog...the other less familiar face is some guy named eddie vedder. appaz he's a big deal and sings in some underground band pearl jam...
nah, all jokes aside glenn works his face off at his band management and events company ZOMBIE DOG (check HERE for gigs fools) and he is doing amazing things. (I really should have done a post before the gig - hindsight is a torturous witch - but fear not friends in melbourne Monster Sessions is on May 21st at the Espy) last saturday he put on a charity gig raising money for multiple sclorosis with some of the coolest bands i've seen in a while (cosmic psychos, nancy vandal, screamfeeder...) and old mate eddie came along. It was great to see him supporting zombie dog's work while he was in town and rumor has it he made a gracious donation to the charity. I think thats fucken awesome.

Glenda your a good girl. Very proud of you.

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