Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the motion picture dreamer

so this is sophie...just drinking and wearing teas no biggy. Sophie ia a designer extraordinaire at Sass & Bide and totally kills it daily...her prints absolutely floor me and her nonchalance about it makes me love her even more, cause really, to her there is just better things to talk about.... like cheese. Sophie pretty much lives an existence like no other. I love having wines and dinner at her place cause inevitably i get to go home with a story to tell other people that makes me seem more interesting: tales of living in paris, buying her bro a gorilla suit,  making a room like the moon in her house...I also especially liked the time she did a fashion parade of all her jackets after a few sips (bottles) of red- every jacket was accompanied by a little tale of how it came to be hers. BUT the bestest and most extraordinary thing about Sophie is she dreams motion pictures. Totes Serials. the lady makes movies nightly. the girl has an imagination that knows no bounds..she may even be magic. yep magic peeps. I think if you could look in her ear and see her brain it would be rainbow colour.

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  1. awwww shucks chimmy..... u made me blush and shed a little tear.... loves you pretty lady and its really nice to know that you like hanging out with me as much as I like hanging out with you! (cos your such a polite lady that I can't imagine you ever telling me to shut up or anything.....) BTW tho my little humble one, you have the most kick ass stories of all time! hello the movie story about the guy on the train that bought you a dress....and then running into him again randomly in amsterdam....not to mention the source of my endless entertainment and giggles...being your childhood ;)+ your super talented and amazing in every way....

    i think we got a good thing going you and me....