Sunday, May 1, 2011

hate on for HD.

i am really annoyed about HDTV. like real life cranky. High defi-fucking-nition telly is the worst thing ever..i don't want it to look real! I don't want actors to have pores!! I don't want to see the cement foundation they have to wear!!! watching the telly before school way back when I was into agros cartoon connection; you could tell when a program was from the states cause it had a real 'fake world' sheen to it. It was the best. I thought it was an alternate universe. watching HD makes you feel like your standing next to the even makes all acting look atrotious..i don't wanna stand next to them.. I might have to write a letter to the telly people and see if they can release all new programs in 'fake world' as well as HD so i can save my eyes from actors pores. I thought Holly Hipwell always said 'in real life' when she is explaining things because she thought she was living in the dream time, now I know she must just watch HDTV.

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