Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I guess these guys (rune, pedro, bucky) are holding novelty cheques cause they won bowl-a-rama...i would know if i didn't get stuck at the pub across the road for the whole day...too sunny for me out there anyway....had goodtimes with some out of towners and the usuals. So i'm pretty sure some awesome skating went down and i hear Dustin sang in his new band LS Demons and that was rad but i also missed that..not sure what I was doing for that part; probs something to do with a cold coopers and a bar stool I'd say....

1 comment:

  1. u was on ur hands and knees in the ladies room selflessly and courageously attempting to save a bunch of ungrateful women from the masses of toilet papery bits and paper towells that were desperately trying to sleeze onto the soles of their high heels!

    You put yourself in the line of fire between stiletto and toilet floor...... to save them from awkward stares and general embarrassments..... and so unappreciative! BITCHES

    chimmy have a heart of gold!