Friday, February 4, 2011

delicate flower

Last week I went to byron for work. k-hem...and I had a little incident. A crazed 3.7mtr long raging bluebottle tried to play football with me in the ocean! He tackled me wrapping his squiggly sci-fi tentacle around both my legs like it was state of origin. (He came down from queensland, quite ironic he's a maroon when he's so blue). This left me with a very painful and itchy war wound...the barbs go into you! SO SCI-FI!! So anyway, turns out I'm allergic. of course I am. With all these sunburn and sting stories Bro has decided I have too much pommy genes in me. such a delicate flower.

above is artist extrodinare Jamie Curly Locks Browne's sympathetic offering in my time of need.

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